Catholic Association of St Joseph the Worker




AGM 2020




31st January 2020






Order of Business


  1.  Prayer

  2.  Declaration of a quorum 

  3.  Presidents Opening Remarks

  4.  Approval of Standing Orders

  5.  Minutes of 2019 General Assembly

  6.  Matters Arising

  7.  Correspondence 

  8.  Presidents Report

  9.  Secretarys Report

10.  Treasurers Report

11.  Any Other Reports

12.  Motions

13.  Elections

14.  AOB

1. Prayer


St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defence against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


St Joseph pray for us.





2. Declaration of a Quorum



3. Presidents Opening Remarks



4. Approval of Standing Orders


Catholic Association of St Joseph the Worker



Standing Orders


These Standing Orders relate to procedures of the Association. and in far as they are applicable to committees of the Association. Their purpose is to ensure the orderly and effective conduct of any formal Assembly of the Association.


  1. Meetings of the General Assembly.


1.1 In accordance with the statutes of the Association the President in conjunction with the Secretary must give notification of the date of the Annual Assembly at least 14 days beforehand. Agendas for the meeting to include available relevant papers will be available from the Secretary at least 7 days before the meeting.


2. Meetings of the Council.


2.1 The Council shall meet 6 times a year and shall hold such other meetings as may be necessary for the conduct of Business.


3. Timetable for Assembly Meetings.


3.1 in order that an Agenda which will include nominations for election and any motions received may be available from the Secretary at least 7 days before the meeting the following timetable will apply;


3.2 Nomination forms will be available from the Secretary 28 days before the date of the Assembly. Relevant forms must be duly signed be the nominator and seconded in their own handwriting and indication of their membership number and be returned to the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the Assembly.


3.3  Motion forms will be available from the Secretary 28 days before the date of the Assembly. Any relevant motion for discussion must be notified to the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the Assembly. Motions must be duly signed be the nominator and seconder in their own handwriting and indication of their membership number. If the mover and seconder are not present at the Assembly the motion will be deemed to have fallen and will not be discussed.


3.4 All proxy votes must be received by the Secretary 48 hours prior to the date of the Assembly.  


3.5 No business other than that specified on the agenda will be transacted at the Assembly, other that that which the President will consider as urgent in advance of the meeting. The circumstances for including such urgent business shall be recorded in the minute of the meeting.


4. Quorum for Assembly Meetings


4.1 A Quorum will be deemed reached when one third of the members are present or represented.


4.2 If no quorum is present within 30 minutes of the second call the meeting shall lapse and the President shall fix the date for a reconvened Assembly. 


4.3 No item of business shall be transacted at a meeting of the Assembly unless there is a quorum present.



5. Agenda


5.1 The standing agenda for Assembly meetings will be



Declaration of a quorum 

Presidents Opening Remarks

Approval of Standing Orders

Minutes of Last General Assembly

Matters Arising


Presidents Report

Secretaries Report

Treasurers Report

Any Other Report(s)





5.2 Agenda for Special Assembly


The matter for which the Assembly has been called will be the only subject on the agenda.

The Assembly will not be asked to approve minutes, deal with matters arising, nor any other business.


6.  Debate


6.1 The President will be responsible for the conduct of the meeting. Members will only speak when called by the President.


6.2 When invited by the President the proposer will move their motion. It will then be seconded. Anyone wish to speak will indicate to the President who will call speakers in order. Each speaker will only speak once during the debate. The mover will have the right to reply. In exercising the right of reply the mover will confine themselves to answering previous speakers and shall not introduce any new matter.


6.3 In the event of an equality of votes the proposition before the meeting the President will have the casting vote.


6.4 The ruling of the President on any question relating to the conduct of the meeting shall be final unless a challenge to the President is supported by two thirds of the members present.


7. Interpretation of Standing Orders


7.1 On all matters of interpretation of these Standing Orders, the ruling of the President shall be final.


7.2 The operation of all or any Standing Order(s) may be suspended by resolution carried by two thirds of the members present and voting.




5. Minutes of 2019 General Meeting



1. The prayer was said


2. Declaration of a quorum 


The quorum was declared and the meeting commenced at 12.20pm.

We have 170 signed up members with 34 present and 39 proxy votes.


3. Presidents Opening Remarks


The Acting President welcomed everyone to the meeting. 


4. Approval of Standing Orders


Given that there were a few minor points of difference it was agreed that the Statutes be reviewed in conjunction with the Standing Orders. It was further agreed that the Council set up a committee to review the Statutes and the outcome presented to an EGM. Subject to this the Standing Orders were proposed by Maura Whelan and seconded by Mary Naphen.


5. Minutes of 2018 General Assembly


The Secretary read the minutes of the 2018 minutes. These were approved.


6. Matters Arising


Paul Dunne asked John Jackman what he meant by ‘nothing people’ and to whom it was referred. John replied that he meant people who contribute nothing but constantly criticise. He added that he was not referring to anyone in particular.


7. Correspondence 


There was no relevant correspondence


8. Presidents Report


The Acting President said that 2018 had been another good year for St Joseph’s.


She referred to the fact that our President over the last four years Annie Cossins has decided to stand down but wished to remain on the Council. The beautiful Chapel we have today is a testimony to Annies leadership. 


Apart from that over the last 4 years under Annies leadership we have achieved a lot


  • the opening of the Chapel 365 days a year. 


  • the Approval of the Bishop of Malaga for the continued existence of St Joseph’s.


  • the beautiful chapel we have today


  • the provision of priests - now well into 2020 to secure Mass each day. (We now have in addition an offer from priests in Rome that if we ever needed a priest they will provide one.) We have more Columbans, diocesan priests and priests from other Orders both young and old wanting to come than ever before. Truth to tell we have more priests waiting than we can fit in! If only all churches had this problem. If we were doing something wrong this would not be the case.


  • a hard working and dedicated Committee.


  • growing numbers of people including younger people coming to the Chapel.


The chapel she said remained opened everyday and she would like to thank those responsible for the opening and setting up of the Chapel before Mass. 


She said that we continue to have good support from all our visiting priests and in particular thanked Fr Jay, Fr Tom Quinn, Fr Phillip, Fr William, Fr Tom O’Keeffe, Frs. Peader, Mick, and Oliver from the Columbans, Fr Micheal our new visitors Fr Seamus Fr Tony, Fr Brian, Fr George and Fr Thomas.


She concluded by stating that we continue to be financially sound.


The report was proposed by Mary Nathan seconded by Patrick Moore and approved.




8.a Statement from Past President


The Secretary then read a statement from Annie Cossins expressing her regret that due to ill health she could not continue as President. She referred to the fact that is was a thankless job and some members had made it very difficult for her. 


She said that she was very pleased with everything she achieved over her four years as President particularly the refurbishment of the Chapel and the monies raised for charities and the poor. 


She concluded by thanking those who were helpful to her and wished the Association every success in the future. 





9. Secretary's Report


The Secretary told the meeting that 2018 has been a very successful year for St Joseph’s as the reports of the President and Treasurer will confirm. 


St Joseph’s provides an English spoken Mass everyday in Fuengirola except Monday. This was to allow the priest in residence to a day for themselves.


He advised the meeting that at the request of the then President he maintained a list of Priests, and that priests have been more or less booked until Sept 2020. This duty he said had now passed to the incoming President.


The Music Ministry continues to attract favourable comment.


As well as two websites he said that we have now two smartphone apps to primarily promote St Joseph’s but also to provide prayers and and promotion of the Catholic Faith and ethos. In so doing we make controlled use of Facebook and Twitter.


There is no doubt the website has attracted new people to St Joseph’s. Google advise that we still receive over 1.5K hits each month. Our tweets all promoting St Joseph’s reach on average between 300 to 3000 people per day and on one occasion reaching an audience of over 35,000. We have a daily following of over 750.


One of the features of the websites and the smartphones is that they give access to daily Mass in over 330 Churches most of which are in Ireland 


The appearance of the chapel continues to attract favourable comment so all in all it has been a very challenging and rewarding year for those of us who work day by day in the Chapel. 


In response to a question the Secretary indicated that the closure of the chapel on Monday was to provide the priests some time to themselves. It was agreed that this facility should be determined by the priest in residence. The Secretary said that in the month of February Fr Philip will say Mass both on Saturday morning as well as on Monday.


The report was proposed by Jean Fenton seconded by Michelle Telander and approved





10. Treasurer's Report


The Treasurer advised the meeting that we had another successful year financially at St Joseph’s. 


Despite a difficult time earlier in the year with the electrical supply when we had to find alternative accommodation for some priests and two priests having to return home for health reasons and one for a bereavement he was pleased to report a surplus of income over expenditure of €1519.08.


He said that we have received a very generous donation from a member of €5000 which is to be spent on altar and sacristy improvements. On behalf of the Council and members he thanked the donor for this most generous gift.


in line with his promise at the last meeting he had the Chapel revalued on a m2 basis which has resulted in a reduced valuation of €85,000. This he said provided a more realistic figure and has no bearing on the financial situation.


On his behalf and on behalf of the Council he thanked the members for their continued generosity and support without which the beautiful Chapel of St Joseph’s could not survive.


He said that we have made charitable donations as follows:-


1.     Various Diocesan Collections                     1348.30

  1. To Fr. Oliver’s Philippine Charity                   240.00


Total                                                                 €1588.30


3.    Caritas First Friday Collections                   1712.05

                        Total                                          €3300.35                    


The Caritas collections are collected, recorded and taken straight to the diocese and therefore do not form part of the income and expenditure accounts. In total the Chapel gives over 12% of its income to charitable causes.


John Jackman raised points regarding the insurance of the building and in particular that relating to public liability. Bill advised the meeting that the contents were insured for 24,245€ the furnishings for 20,608. The building itself was insured by the Community. As regards public liability figures have been obtained from the insurers, Caixa Bank, and they have offered 900,000€ at no extra cost. The Council have indicated acceptance of this. 


Paul Dunne raised points about the entry areas to the Chapel which he said were an accident waiting to happen and asked if consideration could be given for better access to the Altar. He was advised that Las Rampas Community have undertaken to renew the access area and the Council will look again at Altar access.  


David Coleman asked three points regarding Charitable donations, the ownership of the Chapel and if the Spanish church were advised of the meeting. Bill advised him that we already donate over 12% of our income to Charities, that we own the building and that the Parish Priest in Rosario was aware of the meeting. David also made points regarding accessibly to the Chapel.


The report was proposed by Annie Cossins and second by Janet Jackman




10. Any other Reports


Social Report


Jean Fenton reported that the first year worked out quite well and there were several successful meetings. However it became quite apparent that such activities would be seasonal when many of the regular members of the community were in Spain - between September and end of November and from January to Easter Time. Jean said that when last summer she had plans for events but became ill herself. She thought it was ironic that having the wish and intention to help others particularly those living on their own it turned out that she was the one who needed the help. 


She thanked everyone for their prayers and who help her in various ways. It has been a great comfort to her. She hoped that her personal situation will improve and that she will be able to resume duties in the not too distant future.



11. Motions


One motion was received but as the matter was discussed earlier in the meeting the mover withdrew it.



12. Elections




One valid nomination was received. Carol Fay was declared elected.


Nominees for the Council, 


Three valid nominations were received 


Annie Cossins, Ann Roddy and Barbara Stallion. All were declared elected.



13. AOB


As there was no other relevant business the President declared the meeting closed at 1.20pm




6. Any Matters Arising



7. Correspondence



8. Presidents Report


2019 has been a good and successful year for St Joseph’s. 


The Council met 6 times and had very positive meetings .


We continue to be blessed with priests. In the year just past we had 4 new priests Fr Arthur, Fr Joe and 2 Fr Liam's 


Our attendance is up we have new people coming every week which is due to our web site thanks to Michael.


We have now finished the altar and I'm sure you will agree with me it is looking beautiful. 


We had a damp problem in the sacristy but this has been solved with new ventilation. 


We have also placed new ventilation in the toilet and new tiles in the sacristy. This is all down to Bill as it was his design and his overseeing the work. I want to thank him for it.


I also want to thank Fr Philip for the new tabernacle from the Oratory in Glenstal Abbey and the sponsors he found for the shipping from Limerick to here. It really looks well. This meant of course that we had to fill the hole left with the removal of the old tabernacle.


The council continues to run well we had 2 very successful lunches to which we had a great response and I think the members enjoyed them.


We also replaced the statue of the Sacred Heart which was quite damaged so I think the new one is looking good. 


Financially we are healthy as the treasurers report will show.


Sad to announce that Annie  and Joe have resigned from the committee  due to personal reasons  I would like to thank both of them and wish them well for the future .


I want to welcome Patrick and Ann to the committee they were co opted recently they have now to be elected.


It is an honour to be President of St Joseph’s and I thank you for your support.


Carol Fay




9. Secretary’s Report



2019 has been a relatively quiet but successful year for St Joseph’s. The Council met 6 times, the main items being the refurbishment of the Altar furnishings, finance, rota of Priests and rota of Volunteers.


I have continued under the guidance and instruction of the President to ensure that we have a good supply of priests and am pleased to say the current rota runs through to Christmas and the New Year 2021. 


Work has continued to develop the websites and smartphone apps and am heartened by the increasing number of first time visitors who have found St Joseph’s through the website. 


As suggested last year a membership page only open to members now provides details of minutes of meetings etc. The point was also raised last year about access points to the chapel. Ongoing talks are taking place with other stake holders which will I hope lead to a high level meeting with the community.


The sub committee set up to look at the Statutes has not yet completed its work. It is expected to make a full report to the Council in the next few months. The Council will publish the document and decide on a date for an Extraordinary General Meeting.


I have continued my work on the Music Ministry 


The appearance of the chapel continues to attract favourable comment so all in all it has been a very rewarding year for those of us who work day by day in the Chapel. 


Michael G Roddy








10. Treasurers Report



I am pleased to report another successful year financially at St Joseph’s. 


 As the  accounts show we have achieved a surplus of income over expenditure of €2,732.25.


As reported last year we received a most generous donation from one of our members of 5,000 euros which was spent on refurbishing the altar in marble and upgrading the sacristy which I am sure you agree has been a huge improvement and I would place on record our sincere thanks to this member.


My thanks and that of the Council go to you all for your continued generosity and support. Without your financial support the beautiful Chapel of St Joseph’s could not survive.


We also have made charitable donations as follows:-



Various Diocesan Collections                     1,264.70


Caritas First Friday Collections                   1,510,40


                                          Total                   2,775,10


The Caritas collections are collected, recorded and taken straight to the diocese and therefore do not form part of the income and expenditure accounts




W.E. Giles




13. Any Other Reports




12. Motions


One Motion Received


That the Board of Directors re-visit the 2019 decision to cancel Monday’s Mass and seek other mechanisms for providing “rest-days” to elderly Chaplains and over-worked Chapel-Volunteers.


Proposed by Michael Gill      Seconded by Eamon O’Connor




13. Election of Directors





Nominations  1

Michael Roddy  





Nominations  1  

Bill Giles            



Ordinary Members


Nominations 4


Pat Giles

Jean Fenton

Patrick Moore

Ann Keegan





14. AOB.