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You are very welcome to St Joseph's

We trust you find the peace of Christ here

Our Current Chaplain - 

Fr Tony Doyle


Our Most Famous Visitor
















Venerable Patrick Peyton

The Rosary Priest

who visited St Joseph's in 1981

is the founder of the Family Rosary Crusade. He coined the phrase

'the family who prays together stays together' .


Save us, Saviour of the world,

for by your Cross and Resurrection

you have set us free.

St Joseph's is in the Diocese of Malaga

All About Our Catholic Faith

Our Patron Saint

St Joseph the Worker

Foster Father of Jesus Christ

Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Prince and Patron of the Universal Church

Feast Day - 1st May

St Joseph Husband of Mary - 19th March

After the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, an angel came to Joseph to tell him about King Herod of Judea and his intention to kill every first born child in Bethlehem. Joseph fled with Mary and Jesus to Egypt where they remained until the angel appeared again and told them Herod was dead and that they should return to Galilee.


They did as the angel advised and settled in Nazareth. The Gospels tell us Joseph was a carpenter.

Irish singing star John is a regular visitor to St Joseph's and when he is he leads our hymns

We would be delighted for any feedback or suggestions

Capilla San Jose (St Joseph's Chapel)


  Calle Pintor Nogales        

Complejo Las Rampas       Local 13-E-1



phone ; 0034 711001554

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Mass in English Sunday 11am  -  Tuesday - Friday  11am  Vigil Saturday  7pm

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