Minutes of the Council Meeting Held on the 12 Feb 2019 


The meeting commenced at 12.00


The prayer was read.


  1. In Attendance; Carol Fay (President), Annie Cossins, Bill Giles, Pat Giles, Barbara Stallion, Ann Roddy, Michael Roddy, Louis O’Garra, Jean Fenton.

      Apologies ; Joe Sheehan


2. Presidents opening Remarks


The President welcomed everyone to the meeting.


3. Minutes of the meeting held on the 17th January.


Read by the Secretary and agreed unanimously


4. Matters Arising.


4.1 Jean


The President welcomed Jean to the meeting and hoped that her improvement would continue.



4.2 Altar


Bill showed the Council proposed sketches of the new Altar. Cost estimated to be €923. He also outline proposals for new plinths for the statues and side tables. The Council looked at proposals to secure a new Sacred Heart Statue (cost €675). He also provided proposals for the replacement of tiles in the steps to the sacristy.


The proposals were agreed.


4.3 Tabernacle 


Following discussion which included the expressed wishes of the Past President it was agreed to pursue the possibility of a silver tabernacle to be situated on the side of the altar behind the ambo which can be moved slightly to one side. If successful it was agreed to site the tabernacle on a marble base similar to the Altar with room on each side for water etc.


4.4 Sacristy


Bill explained that there was a damp problem in the Sacristy. The architect recommended two small vents which should cure the problem. It was also agreed to the repainting of Sacristy when the work was completed.




4.5 Water Hydrants 


A complaint was received that the siting of the Fire Hydrants could give rise to an accident. It was agreed to examine the resiting of each possibly raising them slightly.



4.6 Motion for AGM


The President reported that solicitors advice was sought and the Standing Orders did not conflict with the Statutes. In any case the AGM agreed that the Statutes should be examined and proposed amendments brought back to an EGM. In line with the wishes of the AGM that a sub committee be appointed to look at the Statutes the Council agreed that the President, the Secretary and Jean be appointed reporting back to the Council at a future meeting. 


4.7 Public Insurance Liability


Bill reported that the Public Liability Insurance will be increased by the Bank to €900,000 for no extra cost. 


4.8 Priests Rota


The Council was advised that we had been recommended three new priests, Fr Arnold Rosney, Fr Arthur O’Neill and Fr Joe Hayes. Discussions continue with Fr Rosney who was recommended by Fr. Peadar.  Fr Arthur was recommended by Noel Smyth and is coming in October/November. 


Fr Joe has not yet been officially approached as we wait on the availability later this year on Fr Tom. 


On the question of a ‘day-off’ for visiting Chaplains it was agreed to offer this to each visiting priest.



5. Presidents Report


The President said she had attended a function organised by Fr Daly and asked if we could do something in St Joseph’s. It was agreed that the President approach Casa Rustica on the possibility of a Dinner on the 4th March.


6. Secretarys Report


The Secretary said that two of the issues he wished to raise had been dealt with. The other item he wished to bring to the Councils attention was the revamping of the website stjosephsfuengirola.com.


He indicated there was a special area for donations and for membership subscription. He also sought the Councils agreement for a special members area which would be open only to signed up members and would provide minutes of meetings and other matters of interest to members. This would be in keeping with the wishes of the AGM of more openness. The proposals were agreed.



7. Treasurers Report. 


Bill indicated that we are currently in the black but were due to pay both rent and electricity. He was waiting details of the electricity bills. He confirmed that Mr Lorenzo was not involved and confirmed we were dealing directly with Mr Buckingham. He told the council that he was putting a lock the apartment post box as we have reason to believe that some mail may have gone missing.





It was agreed 


  • that Pat would be Membership Secretary and Barbara would be responsible for the flowers.

  • that we should look at the internet/phone provision in the apartment.

  • that Toni should be approached on availability and if there are any problems or difficulties we look to change cleaners

  • that the plinths to be replaced be given back to the Spanish Church.


It was agreed to hold the next meeting on Friday 5th April.


As there was no other business the meeting ended at 1.15