St Joseph's - Diary

This is a new initiative which together with our latest news page should keep St Joseph's up to date irrespective of the Covid.

Annie Cossins

The funeral of Annie took place with a small gathering in San Cayetano Crematorium in Fuengirola. Fr Raphael led the liturgy in English.

A further Mass we are advised will be held in Rosario Chapel Fuengirola at a date to be announced and a Memorial Mass will be held in St Joseph's when we reopen.

Annie's ashes will be sent to England where she will be laid to rest with her beloved Husband Vincent.

She will be sorely missed.

Roof Repairs

Slate tiles at the corner of the old Oratory have broken which has lead to some flooding in the Chapel itself. The roof has been repaired but some remedial work has to be completed in the Altar/Oratory area.

As we have no income apart from donations the Treasurer will be happy to receive donations to offset the cost of repairs.

Any donations therefore will be greatly appreciated and details of how to send donations can be found on our donations page.

Some donations have already been made and the Treasurer on behalf of the Council has acknowledged these.

Further News

If you have any news which you think will be of interest to the St Joseph's Community we will be happy to share it.

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