You are very welcome to 

St Joseph's Chapel Fuengirola


Please Note

The Chapel will close following the Sunday Mass on Sunday 26 May

and reopen for the 7pm Mass on Saturday September 7th.

Holy Mass in English 

Saturday Vigil   7pm

Sunday  11am

Tuesday - Friday  11am

(St Josephs is closed on Mondays

St Joseph's Chapel Fuengirola, was established in the late 70's. 

It was set up to provide a Mass in English for the growing number of Irish and British people settling along the Costa del Sol primarily in Fuengirola.


The Month of 

The Most Precious Blood

Daily Prayer Blog

Sacrament of Reconciliation 

30 Minutes prior to Mass

Adoration and Benediction

Each Thursday after Mass until 12 noon

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday in Lent after Mass

Holy Rosary

Tuesday - Friday 10.30 am

For God alone 

my soul waits in silence;

he alone is my rock 

and my salvation.

Ps 61:1-2

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 Where We Are in Fuengirola

St Josephs is situated in the upper level of the Las Rampas Complex 

in the centre of Fuengirola. 

It is immediately above the former Las Rampas Real Estate Offices.

As well as the map (above) we feature videos of how to find us from various parts. 


Rosario Square - La Plaza de la Constitution, 

the Paseo, 

the Railway Station

from Within Las Rampas & the Wheelchair and Pram Entrance.

(Just Clink in the Link!)

If you need any further assistance 

please contact us by phone or by e mail.

Our Patron Saint

Foster Father of Jesus Christ

Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Prince and Patron of the Universal Church.

Feast Day - 1st May

St Joseph Husband of Mary - 19th March.


After the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, an angel came to Joseph to tell him about King Herod of Judea and his intention to kill every first born child in Bethlehem. Joseph fled with Mary and Jesus to Egypt where they remained until the angel appeared again and told them Herod was dead and that they should return to Galilee.


They did as the angel advised and settled in Nazareth. The Gospels tell us Joseph was a carpenter.


Our Most Famous Visitor

The Rosary Priest   

The Catholic Association of St Joseph the Worker is a voluntary organisation set up to ensure the provision of a Mass in English each day on the Costa Del Sol. 


It benefits both those who have moved to this part of Spain and those who visit. 

We have no other form of income save our weekly Mass collections, membership costing €20 per year and voluntary donations. 


The majority of our money is spent on the provision of visiting priests both in terms of travel and stipend and on ongoing daily expenses which occur in the running of any church. 




email ;

phone ; 0034 711 00 15 54.

We are grateful to 

Jose Antonio Martin Buendia  - Chemists 

Pl. de la Constitucion 25.

for their continued sponsorship

of St Josephs Chapel