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St Joseph the Worker Chapel was established in the late 70s early 80s to provide an English spoken Mass to accommodate the growing number of Irish and British people settling along the Costa Del Sol primarily in Fuengirola. Here we highlight everything you need to know about the Chapel together with a sense of the history of the Chapel.

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St Joseph's operates with the blessing of His Lordship the Bishop of Malaga.

St Joseph's has no form of income other than our weekly collections and membership. Twelve of our weekly collections go to the Diocese of Malaga. We are therefore grateful of any donations received. 


The Catholic Association of St Joseph's Chapel is responsible for the running and maintaining St Joseph's. Membership cost €10 per year and is an important source of income for the Chapel.

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St Joseph's Renovations 2016

In 2016  St Joseph's was completely renovated. Follow the transformation from start to finish.

St Joseph's provides Mass in English each day for a small local community and many regulars who periodically come for up to a month or more at a time. 

However there are many first time visitors who find St Joseph's either through the website or word of mouth. We are happy therefore to collate some information and facts about Fuengirola which first time visitors might find helpful.